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Amazing Travel Destinations That Will Make You Reluctant to Leave Lombok

Amazing Travel Destinations That Will Make You Reluctant to Leave Lombok – A decade ago, Lombok could still be likened to the half-brother of the island of Bali. Her beauty is outdate, submits to her brother, who has been the idol of tourists for decades. However, over time, the potential of the island which is own by the Sasak tribe; is getting more and more appreciated. If in the past many people would spend their time in Bali alone, now it is the responsibility if you don’t go to Lombok, spending 2-3 days on the island; which is also famous for its spicy culinary.

Well! If all this time your knowledge about Lombok tourism is still limit to Gili Trawangan, Senggigi, or Sade Village, now is the time for Hipwee to show you various treasures from Lombok that will make you not bored; for a long time to explore the natural beauty of Lombok.

Just like Bali, Lombok is an island that has various beautiful beaches along its sides. You must be used to hearing or have even visited Gili Trawangan, but in fact it is only a fraction of the beauty of the beach in Lombok. Another paradise beach that you must visit while on vacation there is Gili Nanggu.

Amazing Travel Destinations That Will Make You Reluctant

The location of this beautiful island is near Gili Kendis and Gili Sakt. If you are interest in visiting the beauty of Gili Nanggu, you can rent a boat from Lembar Harbor or Tawun. From the sheet, the rate to be paid is IDR 350,000 for 5 people. Meanwhile, if you depart from Tawun, the boat rental price is IDR 250,000. There are no public ships to get there because this beach has the concept; of being part of a private island.

Still from western Lombok, another beach that you have to try for its beauty is Sekotong Beach. Those of you who are interest in enjoying the beauty of this beach can drive from Mataram with a distance of approximately 60 KM; which can be reache in 1.5 – 2 hours. It is better to use a private vehicle to make access there easier.

Apart from Mataram, Sekotong Beach can be reache from Bali to be precise by crossing from Nusa Penida Harbor, approximately 3 hours. The expanse of white sand and blue sea water framed with views of rows of green hills are ready; to spoil the eyes when visiting Sekotong.(Amazing Travel Destinations That Will Make You Reluctant to Leave Lombok)

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