Ponggok Tourism Village

Attractions in Ponggok Tourism Village

Now, after knowing about this Ponggok Tourism Village, here are some of the attractions that you will encounter when visiting the Ponggok Tourism Village in Klaten, Central Java. Check it out guys!

1. Umbul Ponggok

The main tourist attraction in this Ponggok Tourism Village is Umbul Ponggok. This natural pool that has existed since the Dutch era has a size of 50 x 25 meters and an average depth of 1.5 – 2.6 meters, so the atmosphere is really like under the sea. The water in Umbul Ponggok comes from springs that come directly from the ground continuously with a discharge of more than 800 liters / second, so the water feels cold, fresh and clean. Water circulation in the Umbul Ponggok pool occurs naturally, the bottom of the pool is also natural with clean sand and rocks.

In the pond also live thousands of colorful fish of various types with large sizes such as goldfish, koi, pomfret, and other ornamental fish. The existence of this ornamental fish does not interfere with visitor activities but will be the main attraction for underwater photo or video backgrounds. Even though it is full of fish, the water in Umbul Ponggok is not fishy because the water flows continuously.

For visitors who come with children, there is no need to worry because the manager’s advice has also prepared a special swimming pool for children and makes children happy with various rides. In addition, visitors who do not want to get wet can also rent a boat to be used around the natural pool.

Attractions offered

Umbul Ponggok is not only a natural spring pool decorated with fish, but also equipped with various interesting rides. Among them:

– Warrior Adventure

On top of this Umbul Ponggok, you can enjoy various floating games that are presented in Warrior Adventure. You can play slides, trampolines, walk on water and others.

– Snorkeling and underwater walkers

Visitors can also enjoy the beauty of the base of the pennant by snorkeling and underwater walkers. That is why this place is also provided with a power dive equipment rental (walker) for walking under water as well as snorkeling equipment which includes swim suits, frog legs, oxygen cylinders and googles.

For those of you who have never done snorkeling activities, free guidance is provided from the owner of the snorkel equipment rental place.

– Underwater photos

Among the various activities that visitors can enjoy at Umbul Ponggok, one of the favorites is taking photos under the water surface. Yes, you can take pictures underwater with a colorful fish background. Armed with an underwater camera, visitors can take pictures with the background of the fish swimming around or accompanied by various types of properties. Such as pedaling bikes, motorbikes of various types, jet sky, tents, rickshaws, laptops, TVs, garden sets, and other interesting properties. For those of you who don’t have an underwater camera, take it easy. Because this place also rents underwater cameras which are also complete with photographers.

2. Umbul Sigedang and Kapilear

Apart from Umbul Ponggok, you can also take a relaxing bath in Umbul Sigedang and Kapilaler. This spring tourism vehicle is also located in Ponggok Water Tourism Village, precisely in Umbulsari Hamlet. You can feel the atmosphere of a calm, shady, rural area with the freshness of the water. There are 2 springs, namely Sigedang spring and Capillaler spring. This place is suitable for relaxation, relaxing with friends and family.

Umbul Sigedang and Kapilear are unique in that the water is safe enough to drink. This is because Spring 1 has water quality that meets the requirements for drinking water with a large discharge. Even Umbul Sigedang is located close to a source or well belonging to PT TIV AQUA Klaten. Whose water contains natural minerals used as raw material for AQUA brand bottled water.

Another uniqueness given by Umbul Sigedang and Kapilear is a cool atmosphere. Because in Umbul Sigedang and Kapilear there are large old banyan trees that shade tourism objects. And the surrounding area so that they make tourist objects shady and cool. Soaking with family becomes very comfortable.

3. Ponggok Ciblon

Now for those who come to please the children, you can invite them to visit Ponggok Ciblon which is also still in Ponggok Tourism Village. Ponggok Ciblon is a water tourism area that has a water playground and garden for children. The water in the Ponggok Ciblon rides comes from fresh and cold springs. There is also Resto Ponggok Ciblon which serves typical tilapia & catfish food and various drinks. For the rest area, there are gazebo facilities built over fish ponds. Other facilities include an outdoor meeting area, toilets and a prayer room.

So, those are various interesting activities that you can find when visiting Ponggok Tourism Village. What do you think guys? As long as the week end is very soon, there’s nothing wrong with taking your friends, girlfriend or family to spend time in Ponggok Tourism Village playing water and seeing the beauty of colorful fish.

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