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Current Nature Tourism Recommendations in Semarang

Current Nature Tourism Recommendations in Semarang – When talking about tourist attractions in Semarang, usually what a lot of people mention is religious tourism, old cities, or even culinary delights. In fact, the capital of Central Java Province also has the potential for natural tourism; with hidden charms that you need to visit.

The first natural tourist spot you need to visit is Curug Gondoriyo which is located in Gondoriyo Village, Ngaliyan District, Semarang City. This 15 meter high waterfall comes from the BSB River (Bukit Semarang Baru) which connects to the Beringin River.

From the parking lot, you can already see the view of the waterfall. Apart from waterfall ecotourism, here you can also find Banyu Anyes, a water tour that will always be cold even during the summer.

Current Nature Tourism Recommendations in Semarang

Interestingly, you can still come to this Gondoriyo waterfall at night because this place remains open until 12 at night. The waterfall looks different thanks to the 16 lights installed on the waterfall.

Grand Maerakaca is a tourist spot in the form of a mini park; with miniature houses typical of 35 regencies / cities in Central Java Province. Take it easy, if you enter near the miniature Karimunjawa, you will find a mangrove tracking spot that looks very beautiful. Not only that, you can also take pictures while riding a boat alone, together with friends, or lovers.

In order for the resulting photos to be more interesting, try to come to this place around 16.00. Not only does it produce better photos, you can also enjoy the view; of the sunset that is visible on the western horizon.

If you want to relax in the open air and enjoy the beauty of the sunrise without having to climb too high a mountain, Mawar Camp which is located in Sidomukti Village, Bandungan District, Semarang Regency is perfect for you.(Current Nature Tourism Recommendations in Semarang)

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