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Curug Malela Waterfall Exoticism in West Bandung

Curug Malela Waterfall Exoticism in West BandungCurug Malela is located in the West Bandung area, precisely in Manglid Village. At the beginning, this waterfall was not very well known and even seem isolate, because access to the location was still difficult to reach. But now, Curug Malela has been tidying up in such a way that it makes you want to visit it.

You will see the beauty of the waterfall that extends to the side, it is proper to be predict as Niagara Mininya, West Java. The water flowed by Curug Malela comes from the upper reaches of the river in the northern part of Mount Kendeng, which is a volcano that is no longer active. And it turns out that the Malela waterfall is the top of several waterfalls such as Katumiri waterfall, Manglid waterfall, Ngebul waterfall, Sumpel waterfall, Palisir waterfall to Pameungpeuk waterfall.

Curug Malela Waterfall Exoticism in West Bandung

The location of Curug Malela is in Manglid Village, Cicadas Village, Rongga District, West Bandung Regency, West Java. The route to Curug Malela passes Batujajar then goes to Cililin, which is turn right at the fork. Continue straight through Citapen then turn left. When you find a fork in the road, turn left again. You will meet a crossroads again, take a right if you go left towards the Hanging Venue. The road that is being traversed is not always good and smooth, there are more roads that are still potholed so that it will slow down your vehicle.

Or you can ask local residents about the direction to the waterfall. After parking the vehicle in the area that has been provide, to get to the waterfall you can choose two accesses. Namely by walking or using ojeg services. If you use an ojeg service, you have to pay between Rp. 25,000 to Rp. 30,000. While the ojeg rental fee from the direction of the waterfall is around Rp. 40,000 for going up. The existing ojeg has been modifie in such a way that it can run on dirt and muddy roads. Meanwhile, the motorbike that you are carrying will not be able to pass through these roads.

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