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Curug Panjang is Located in Bogor West Java

Curug Panjang is located in Bogor West Java  – Bogor is always worth visiting every week, especially for those of you who want to refresh your mind and body after 5 days of struggling with daily routines. Bogor’s natural condition is unspoile and has cool air, especially in its hilly areas. So do not be surprise if many come to Bogor, especially to the Puncak area.

If you are planning to go to Bogor, you must visit this one place. Its name is Curug Panjang, which is located in Citamiang Village, Megamendung District, Bogor. Curug Panjang is part of the slopes of Mount Paseban. This tourist vehicle has extraordinary natural conditions, you will be treat; to natural wealth that is still very beautiful, accompanied by cool air; and the beauty of the waterfall which is different from most waterfalls.

Curug Panjang is located in Bogor

Curug Panjang has a different visualization from waterfall in general. If usually a waterfall is high, so that flowing water falls down. So it is not the case with Curug Panjang, the shape is elongate like a slide. The slide is located between the rocks and the water is quite heavy. However, you are not allow to slide in the Curug Panjang area. This is because, right below the flow of Curug Panjang, there is a whirlpool which will be very dangerous if you approach it.

Curug Panjang water flow continues to flow through the rocks that are scatter without direction, but it is very beautiful to see it. Some of the rocks are inseparably unite, but water can penetrate through them. The mandatory activity that you have to do when visiting a waterfall is to enjoy the waterfall. Whether it’s swimming or just playing water on the edge of the pool.

Enjoy the cold water that flows from the spring in the mountains, while enjoying the natural beauty that is still very natural. You have to be careful when playing water in Curug Panjang, because the depth of the pool can reach 7 meters. For those of you who forget not to bring a change of clothes, you can borrow a shirt or swim trunks; in the place that has been prepare.

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