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Does and Don’ts When Visiting Germany

Does and Don’ts When Visiting Germany – When meeting with passport checkers / train tickets etc. or want to buy something or pay at the cashier, you should say “Hello” or “guten Morgen / Tag / Abend” (Good morning / afternoon / evening). If you happen to speak no German at all, saying “Hello” will suffice. With foreigners, try not to say “Hi”, this word is less formal and seems close-knit.

When you receive information or receive something (such as a ticket, change or groceries), don’t forget to say thank you: “Dankeschön / vielen Dank / Danke”. When separating or leaving a place (and previously interacting with people), it’s best to say “Tschüss / Auf Wiedersehen / einen schönen Tag noch” (Goodbye / see you soon / have a nice day).

Does and Don’ts When Visiting Germany

When in a place or on public transportation, it’s best not to speak too loudly, especially if you don’t speak German. Some people will feel uncomfortable. When using public transportation; and there are still many empty places left, you should find a seat; that is not directly adjacent to other people. The Germans will feel suspicious and uncomfortable. Also pay attention to seats for the elderly / disabled / pregnant women or for baby wheels, leave the place empty.

On some trams and buses, eating and drinking is not allow. Usually on the train. Taking public transportation without a ticket can be subject to multiple fines. Also find out whether the public transportation ticket you buy; must be validate through a machine before boarding the vehicle or not. If you forget or don’t know, the ticket is considered invalid.

When parking on the roadside, do not park carelessly or without buying a parking ticket before leaving the car. Especially during the day, there are police who control the tickets. In addition, there are no parking attendants in Germany.(Does and Don’ts When Visiting Germany)

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