eastern Indonesian cultural values are starting to disappea

Eastern Indonesian cultural values are starting to disappear – Part 1

This article will discuss about why eastern Indonesian cultural values are starting to disappear. In Indonesia, this eastern tradition is marked by hospitality or hospitality to other people, even foreigners. Eastern nations also highly uphold the values ​​or norms that grow in their society. One example is related to the value of politeness. The personality of the eastern nation is also thick with gentle and polite speech in socializing and dressing.

The way to dress the easterners tends to be closed and not minimal like the tourists we see so far. Non-individualistic, mutual respect and help one another without being selfish are qualities that are upheld by eastern nations. The habit of maintaining good relations between people, hardworking, a high level of religion or religiosity, has become a common thing in eastern society. Because it is a legacy passed down from the ancestors to be passed on to the next generation.

However, over time and the development of the times, this eastern custom has begun to be forgotten by the people of the East, one of which is the Indonesian population. Almost the entire population of Indonesia has been contaminated with Western culture. Our society, especially teenagers, is more inclined to like imitating outside cultures than our own indigenous culture.

It’s not that we say Western culture is bad and negative, but there are some Western cultures that are against the principles of Eastern culture. So that with the entry and development of Western culture in Indonesia, slowly eastern customs in Indonesia have begun to be forgotten and could become extinct if not maintained. So, what are the indigenous values ​​of the east that are starting to become extinct and eroded by foreign cultures? Here’s the review!

1. Style of dress

As discussed earlier guys! Eastern customs in Indonesia used to be synonymous with closed clothes. Even though it’s not a hijab, most Indonesians used to wear polite clothes such as kebaya, long skirt, negligee etc. But nowadays, even though the hijab trend has been popular.

Most Indonesians, especially young women prefer to wear clothes that are slightly open, such as mini skirts, tank tops, crop tops, sleeveless shirts, etc., which are imitated from the Western culture of dressing. Even with the development of the fashion world, now people can freely determine their own dress style according to their respective pleasures.

2. How to date

Guys, back in the days when Eastern customs were still very thick in Indonesia, most of these people were arranged by their parents, you know! Like Siti Nurbaya. But now, people are free to make their own choice, guys! In addition, the true oriental way of dating is also far from skinship. People were dating in the past, just holding hands with the opposite sex is haram, not muhrim if people say.

However, after foreign culture entered and became ingrained in Indonesia, the way of dating the Indonesian people began to change, where hugs and kisses have become mandatory when dating.

Come on, honest guys! Especially for those of you who are already dating, surely you have often hugged or kissed? Now this one culture is feared that it will damage the nation’s future generations. This is because the culture that is not in accordance with Eastern customs makes Indonesian ramaja drift away in the flow of free association.

3. Manners

Not only in Indonesia, but all Eastern nations, really uphold the value of courtesy, guys. But unfortunately, this eastern customary value is starting to be eroded and forgotten by Indonesians. Although not all of them, most of the friendly attitude of the Indonesian people has begun to be replaced by an ignorant and jutek attitude. In addition, many children and adolescents have no respect for their elders. An example that often happens is that young people rarely walk down in front of their parents. Even worse, many children yell at them and order their parents to do what they want.

4. Gotong royong

In the view of life of the Indonesian people who have Eastern customs, gotong royong has always been the basis of life for the Indonesian people but nowadays. The value of gotong royong is increasingly fading and is replaced by the value of individualism. In the past, school children preferred to do school assignments in groups. Now they prefer to do it alone accompanied by sophisticated tools such as computers and the internet. With reasons to be fair. Yes, you know for yourself that group work now is no different from working alone. Only one person does the task, the others are busy chatting.

Another example, if people used to like to work together to clean roads and gutters, they have now been replaced by cleaners. This makes community relations slowly drift apart due to the lack of activities that bring them closer together. And unconsciously, the value of individualism begins to grow in the hearts of the people and forgets the beauty of being together.

Still have a list about eastern Indonesian cultural values are starting to disappear can you read on the next article. stay tuned guys…


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