Eastern Indonesian cultural values are starting to disappear

Eastern Indonesian cultural values are starting to disappear – Part 2

Still continued about article before discuss about eastern Indonesian cultural values are starting to disappear. The habit of maintaining good relations between people, hardworking, a high level of religion or religiosity, has become commonplace in eastern society because it is a legacy passed down from the ancestors to be passed on to the next generation.

However, over time and the development of the times, this eastern custom has begun to be forgotten by the people of the East, one of which is the Indonesian population. Almost the entire population of Indonesia has been contaminated with Western culture. Our society, especially teenagers, is more inclined to like imitating outside cultures than our own indigenous culture. What are the indigenous values ​​of the east that are starting to become extinct and eroded by foreign cultures :

1. How to eat

Indonesia has a lot of special foods that are super delicious and tasty. There are also many restaurants that provide Indonesian specialties. However, now it cannot be denied that the number of fast food restaurants from abroad, to restaurants that provide foreign food, is almost as large as restaurants that sell local food. This is because Indonesians tend to prefer external food rather than their own specialties. Maybe it’s because you are curious about the taste of outside food or to look cool and up-to-date or it could be because of prestige? But that’s what happened at this time.

In addition, the way Indonesian people eat is also starting to change, guys! If in the past Indonesians preferred to use their bare hands to bribe food. Now they use spoons, forks, complete with knives and even chopsticks. In the past, Indonesians did not start eating before their elders ate or before praying, but now they don’t eat before eating. They are photographed and uploaded to social media. In the past, even when Eastern customs were still thick in Indonesia. When we ate we couldn’t make a sound, guys, but now, we eat while chatting right?

2. Deliberation

The previous society, always held deliberation before deciding something, guys! No wonder Indonesia is known as a country of deliberation. But with the entry of western culture, deliberations to decide how to solve problems are very rarely seen guys! One small example is when your boyfriend breaks up unilaterally without notification and without asking your opinion.

3. Attitude and Speech

Eastern culture is known for its gentleness and subtle speech, but this tends to fade. It is characterized by rude behavior and harsh words, frequent swearing and even fighting, speaking in high tones etc. In addition, foreign languages ​​have also begun to replace Indonesian vocabulary. In fact, not infrequently there are Indonesian children who cannot speak Indonesian while their foreign languages ​​are very fluent. Even foreign languages ​​are used as their everyday language.

4. Salim parents’ hands before traveling

In Indonesian culture, not only in Muslim society but in other religious cultures, the culture of kissing hands is also practiced by younger people to older people to respect their elders. The culture of saliming the hands or kissing the hands is usually done when a child is just coming home or is going out of the house. So it is obligatory for him to kiss his parents’ hand as a greeting and ask for blessings to be carried out when doing activities outside the home Salim is also practiced by students to their teachers. Basically salim or kissing the hands of an older person who is respected is obligatory.

However, this culture is rarely seen. Salim or kissing the hand is now replaced by a waving hand while saying “daa ~ daa” or “bye-bye”. In fact, not infrequently if salim to parents is replaced by kissing the right cheek and left cheek.

Indeed, this salim culture still exists in Indonesia, but if you pay attention there is something shifting in this salim culture. In the past, by parents or at school, he taught salim that “kissing the hand”, grabbed the parent’s hand and placed it on the lips while bowing. But now, the majority are no longer salim by kissing their hands, but placing their hands on their noses, cheeks, or even the majority on their foreheads or foreheads.

5. Tolerance and mutual respect

Tolerance and mutual respect for one another is one of the eastern customs that is most inherent in Indonesian society, but that was before you guys! At this time, maybe you already know that Indonesia is in crisis with the name tolerance and mutual respect. The proof, many people who insult each other. Whether it’s insulting appearances, insulting each other’s beliefs and rejecting various forms of differences that are not according to their wishes.

6. Lifestyle

The lifestyle of the eastern people was still very simple and unpretentious. Even teenagers in the past tended to be active, creative, resilient and willing to try. Whereas today’s teenagers are spoiled with sophisticated equipment and instant food, and most of them don’t want to try hard. The increasingly sophisticated era gradually shifted the eastern culture from being hardworking to being lazy and slow in thinking and acting.

So, those are some of the eastern Indonesian cultural values ​​which are starting to disappear guys! Hopefully this is useful for you …

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