England as One of The Best Cities in The World

England as One of The Best Cities in The World – Britain is one of the countries that is successful in managing resources. Even since the 19th century this country has held the title of the first industrialized country in the world. Cool? Not only that, guys, in mid 2012 this country also won the title as the best city in the world. This predicate was give by the Traveling search site TripAdvisor.

In the North West of England there is the largest National Park in England called Lake Distric. This park has considerable appeal, especially the lakes and hills. Very suitable for those who like to travel and like to take pictures. It’s no less cool to be use as an Instagram feed, guys.

England as One of The Best Cities in The World

Especially if you see girls, right, you will really like taking pictures there. Mountains and hills sculpted by glacial erosion make for a dramatic, serene and inspiring sight of course. The panoramic beauty of nature makes thousands of travelers come to enjoy this creation of God. In fact, almost every year visitors reach around 14 million people, you know. They don’t just enjoy the beauty, guys, many are also hiking and climbing here.

The clock tower with a large bell dating back around 150 years has also become one of the British icons. Actually the name Big Ben doesn’t refer to the clock tower itself, guys, but rather to the 13 ton bells in the tower. Oh yes, Big Ben turns out to be the second largest world clock after the Royal Clock Tower in Arabia.

Uniquely, Big Ben is a watch whose timekeeping is very reliable. Even this clock almost never stops, even though there were events in the Commons space bombing in World War II. The beauty of this clock tower is visible at night because of the lights from the Palace of Westminster. So, don’t be surprise if many come here to see The Single Icon Of United Kingdom.(England as One of The Best Cities in The World)

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