Fairy Circles of Namibia

Fairy Circles of Namibia

So far, we may consider the crop circle phenomenon to be the most mysterious phenomenon, but it turns out that in Africa, in the Namib Desert, Namibia, there is a phenomenon that is no less mysterious than crop circles, you know. Even so mysterious, local residents named it as Fairy Circles. Where the mysterious circles are believed to be traces of the gods of nature, spirits or fairies.

At first glance, this Fairy Circles phenomenon is similar to Crop Circles, but very different. In the crop circle, plants / grass that are shaped in a pattern have the characteristics of grass that is bent as if it were laid down. Whereas in Fairy Circles, these patterns are formed as if the land is in a circle and no grass can grow. On the outside, each circle is surrounded by grass but not by the inside of the circle. With a diameter of 2-15 meters, the inner side is not overgrown with grass or any kind of plant. Actually, what are the hidden facts of the Fairy Circles area in Namibia? For that, here are some interesting facts about Fairy Circle to discuss.

1. Fairy Circle is scattered along the desert to grasslands in Namibia

There is not only one Fairy Circle, but in Namibia there are hundreds or even thousands of Fairy Circles that are scattered throughout the desert to the grasslands of Namibia. If you calculate the distance, the fairy circle stretches for about 1,000 km in the country. With a circle diameter ranging from 3 meters to tens of meters.

2. First discovered in the 1970s

Even though it has been 50 years since it was first discovered in the 1970s, until now there has been no reliable research to prove the cause of Fairy Circle. Although there are many theories from many researchers that make sense, Fairy Circles or fairy circles are still called mysterious things by the Namibian people. And are one of the reasons tourists to explore Namibia.

3. The first theory states that Fairy Circles in Namibia are caused by termites

Norbert Juergens, a Professor of Biology from the University of Hamburg Germany, tries to provide an explanation of the Fairy Circles phenomenon. He said that what was causing this circular blotchy pattern on the ground was caused by the termite Psammotermes allocerus. The presence of certain gases contained in these subterranean termites, can cause the grass to die mysteriously because the underground where the fairy circles are spotted is a colony of termites. But unfortunately this theory was broken by Dr. Walter R. Tschinkel Professor of Biological Science from Florida State University, who felt he did not find similar termites in that location.

4. The second theory says that Fairy Circles in Namibia occurred due to fierce competition for grass in the ground

Another theory was issued by a researcher from the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research in Leipzig, Germany, namely Stephan Getzin. Stephan revealed, the circle of fairies occurred due to fierce competition for grass in the ground. This occurs because low rainfall and poor soil nutrients create intense competition among grass plants. Strong grass will absorb a lot of water and soil nutrients, causing other grasses to die. Competition is getting tougher and grass plants naturally form circles to maximize available water and soil nutrients. The circle is believed to be a reservoir or container that holds water and good soil nutrients.

5. The Himba tribe people who believe that Fairy Circles occur due to dragon breath

Some of the Himba tribe people also believe that the fairy circle is caused by an underground dragon. The dragon’s breath is believed to give off fire and bubble to the ground until it catches fire and forms a circle. Not only is it believed to have occurred due to dragon breath. Local residents also believe that these Fairy Circles occurred because of the footprints of the gods, and the fairies who stopped briefly on the land in the past. And this one belief is the most popular so it is named Fairy Circles.

6. Fairy Circles can not only be found in Namibia

When viewed from a height, all the circles look like polka-dotted motifs in the vast field or specks similar to measles. But it turns out that natural phenomena like this are not only found in the interior of Africa, you know. Because Angola, South Africa and Australia also have a similar natural phenomenon.

Those are some interesting facts about Fairy Circles in Namibia. Despite their mystery, these fairy circles can be a unique tourist attraction for tourists who come to the interior of Namibia. However, because it is located in the interior of Africa. Anyone who wants to see it must travel hundreds of kilometers from the nearest village to enjoy the scenic beauty of the footprints of this god.

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