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Festival of Spirits from Mexico, Far from Sad or Grief

Festival of Spirits from Mexico, Far from Sad or Grief – Remembering a friend or family member who has died does not always have to be done in a sad way. At least that’s what Mexicans do, every year they take to the streets, hold a festival, gather with their families while joking; and make a pilgrimage to the graves of loved ones; in an event called Day of The Dead or better known by his name. de Los Muertos. The festival or celebration that has become increasingly famous; because of the Pixar film Coco is not a day for sadness. Close family and friends get together. They remember people who have preceded them by telling funny stories of the deceased; or sharing funny experiences with them to show their affection.

Although Dia de Los Muertos is celebrate every November 1 and 2 and Halloween is celebrate on October 31, these two celebrations have different meanings, you know! Even though they both took the theme of death. If people celebrate Dia de Los Muertos and dress up in skull costumes as a series; of ways to remember those who have left, Halloween doesn’t have that deep meaning. Those who dress up for Halloween just want to look scary or charming without any other tendencies. Hence, even though these events are similar, basically there are different values ​​in celebrating them.

Festival of Spirits from Mexico

The Dia de Los Muertos celebration stems from the beliefs of the Aztec, Toltec and Nahua tribes who inhabited the land that is now known as Mexico. These tribes believed that grieving someone’s death was taboo. According to their culture, death is a natural thing in a series of life. Those who died are also not considere to be gone forever, they are still alive and become part of society in the memory and spirit of their love ones.

Therefore, as a tribute to those who have died, the people of Mexico hold the Dia de Los Muertos festival. They believe on a day of celebration the spirits; of the decease will come down to earth to visit their living families, so the people of Mexico make a celebration to welcome these returning spirits by holding a festival.One of the most important aspects of the Dia de Los Muertos celebration; is an altar known as the ofrenda. This altar is built in every house and cemetery, the purpose of this altar is not built for worship, but as a way; to welcome the spirits who return to the realm of life.(Festival of Spirits from Mexico, Far from Sad or Grief)

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