Hinatuan Enchanted River in Philippines

Hinatuan Enchanted River in Philippines – Part 2

No less than coastal tourism, which is one of the attractions in the Philippines, Hinatuan Enchanted River is also a very popular tourist destination among domestic and foreign tourists. How not, this Hinatuan Enchanted River has a clear and deep flow of water that looks bright blue from above. That’s why tourists like to dive to enjoy its beauty.

There are still some interesting facts about the Hinatuan Enchanted River, a beautiful blue river in the Philippines, Interested? Lets check in this article below.

1. There is no bottom, but there are branch caves

As mentioned earlier, this Hinatuan River is indeed bottomless. The reason is getting to the bottom, all that is found is a cave with many branches. According to researchers, the cave, which is the entrance to underground water, is located 35 meters below the river surface. The cave is about 654 meters long which leads to the Philippine Sea. And there is a 35 meter long passage to reach an underground spring. Researchers believe the passage through the cave is like a geyser. So that it makes the Hinatuan river water very clear.

2. The blue color of the river is believed to have come from the sapphire and jade that fairies brought

Because it has several uniqueness, such as salty, bottomless water and crystal clear water, even though it is only a river, it is no wonder that there are many myths and legends circulating in the local community. Not only is it considered sacred, but based on local folklore, it is said that the blue water came from sapphires and jade which fairies brought into the river. Yet another story says that the river is haunted by all kinds of terrifying and alluring supernatural creatures, who have left a lot of charm and magic to protect this place from humans. These creatures are known as engkantos or river witches.

3. No one has ever managed to fish on the Hinatuan Enchanted River

As if to add to the uniqueness of this river, it is known that until now, no one has ever managed to catch fish in this river. Local fishermen have even said that it is almost impossible for them to fish by any means in the river. Even though in certain seasons there will be lots of fish seen. Although often not a single fish appears.

4. The Hinatuan Enchanted River tour has its own unique rules

Another interesting fact that makes this river unique is that there are regulations that visitors must obey. Where every 12 noon local time, the river guard will ring the bell to get all visitors out of the river. A Hinatuan chant will be sung and the fish will come out and be fed. As mentioned in the previous point, once the sun sets, no one is allowed to swim in this river. It is said that the spirits who control the Hinatuan Enchanted River will come out and roam around the river.


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