Hinatuan Enchanted River in Philippines

Hinatuan Enchanted River in Philippines – Part 1

It might be a little difficult to find a river with crystal clear water in Indonesia, but if you visit the Philippines, you will be able to find a river with super clear blue water. Its name is the Hinatuan Enchanted River, or the Hinatuanless River. This river is located near Surigao del Sur, on the island of Mindanao, Philippines.

No less than coastal tourism, which is one of the attractions in the Philippines, Hinatuan Enchanted River is also a very popular tourist destination among domestic and foreign tourists. How not, this Hinatuan Enchanted River has a clear and deep flow of water that looks bright blue from above. That’s why tourists like to dive to enjoy its beauty. This river, whose water flows ends in the Pacific Ocean, is a favorite tourist attraction for tourists in the Philippines.

Apart from its clear water flow, the Hinatuan Enchanted River has various other interesting facts to discuss, you know! About anything? Here’s the review!

1. Length only 50 m

The first fact that makes this river so interesting is that it is only 50 m long. Even though it is relatively short, this Hinatuan river is one of the most beautiful and clear rivers in Asia. Moreover, this river has a relatively calm water flow so that many want to swim in this river. Manriknya again, the location of this river is hidden in the middle of the forest, so that it provides a beautiful and soothing panorama.

2. Contains a high enough salt content

Even though it is a river, the Hinatuan river in the Philippines contains a high enough salt content like water in the ocean. And this is one of the unique facts that Hinatuan Enchanted River has. Moreover, the origin or source of the clear salt water in this river is unknown. The river seemed to emerge and just flow from the ground. So it’s no wonder the locals think this river is magical.

The theory put forward by the researchers regarding this river is the existence of an underground cave system that seeps in and “spews” clear water, like geysers. But somehow the water that is discharged is completely filtered, so it is free from the dirt or mud that usually marks river water.

3. Is considered sacred

Because the origin of the salt water is still a mystery, aka unsolved, making the Hinatuan Enchanted River, which has a beautiful and amazing view, is considered a sacred river by the local population. The locals even advise visitors not to swim in this river after sunset because at that time the spirits who control the river will come out of their nests and roam around the river.

4. A bottomless river

Another uniqueness of the Hinatuan Enchanted River is that it has no bottom. When viewed, the water in the Hinatuan river is turquoise and very clear. From the surface, it is clear that the rocks are in the river. Very clear and clean, you won’t even find trash in it, let alone trash, you won’t be able to find even mud. However, even though from the surface you can see the riverbed, if you dive, you will not find this riverbed. This uniqueness is what makes the locals named this river the Hinatuan Enchanted River, aka the Hinatuan Magic River.

Apart from the mystery, this river is a popular tourist spot. The natural beauty around the river and the unusual color of the water are its main attractions. There are still some interesting facts about the Hinatuan Enchanted River, a beautiful blue river in the Philippines, Interested? Lets check out in next article..

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