Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan

Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan, New Tourism in Malang

Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan, New Tourism in Malang – I like the village tours there, such as Jodipan Village, Blue Village, Tridi Village and something new, namely Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan. Kampoeng was inaugurate in April 2018 ago, to be honest, previously the echo was less heard in my ears. I also found this Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan by accident with the shakes of #wisatamalang.

Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan is in a strategic location in the old town of Malang. If you have been to Toko Oen Malang, the location of the village is in the alleys next to this legendary ice cream shop. The entrances are scatter in several alleys which are divide into residents’ villages consisting of RW I, RW II, RW IX, and RW X. Each RW will have a gate (entrance) to get to heritage tourist spots, both ancient buildings, and place to take pictures. Getting there is quite easy because only the GPS settings are left and we will arrive at the location. To park the car is quite easy, we can park at the Kayutangan shops or telkom in the Basuki Rahmat area, then we walk between one RW and another. I feel like entering Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan is like entering a labyrinth game.

Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan

Kampoeng Heritage Kajoetangan has a lot of history. Some of the former colonial houses are still preserve, I saw the buildings were freshly paint and look very well maintaine. I see on the map there are 30 legend spots that must be visit, complete with historical explanations in front of the building. Apart from historical building spots, the river in this area has been around since the 1800s. The selfie spot is the most crowded because it is the current spot on Instagram. Location of selfie spots at the main entrance. The property is an ancient item that is nicely style. If you go to the selfie spot you have to; wait in line if you want to get a good photo. There are also children’s games such as gobak sodor which reminds me of my childhood without gadgets.

Visitors can enter some of these historical spots with their permission. Unfortunately because I was too late, I only had time to take pictures in front of the building. Maybe next time I have to come back to again. I really like the concept of the tour which aims to preserve the cultural heritage in Malang. If we want to improve the economy there, we can snack on snacks at stalls run by local residents.

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