kolbano beach

Kolbano Beach – PART 2

For those of you who are still curious about Kolbano beach, here are some interesting facts about Kolbano Beach which will certainly make you want to visit this beach right away. Lets check it guys..

1. Has the longest bridge on the island of Timor

An interesting fact about the next Kolbano Beach is that on this beach there is a bridge which is the longest bridge on the island of Timor. Its name is Noelmina Bridge. The title of the longest bridge is not without evidence. This bridge connects the land separated by the Noelmina River which has a width of 240 meters. This bridge is one of the most iconic when you visit Kolbano Beach. The river below, the Noelmina River is one of the great rivers. Which has never dried up even during the midsummer and dry season. Not far from the river, you can see Kolbano Beach, a variety of interesting sights ranging from a row of limestone cliffs, wilderness, large rice fields, to a typical round house village of East Nusa Tenggara visible from this beach.

2. There are historical buildings from the Dutch heritage

On the Kolbano beach, tourists can still find a Dutch heritage building that was founded in 1907 to commemorate the local people’s battle against the Dutch colonialists. Before the Dutch came, Kolbano was a famous trading place for honey and sandalwood. Traders from China, Portugal and India often stopped by to buy these two commodities from the Timorese people.

3. Sunset and sunrise in one place

The uniqueness of the next Kolbano beach is that you can see the sunrise and sunset from the same place. So it is not surprising that this beach is a favorite location for photographers who want to hunt for these moments.

On this beach, there are also many tourists who have picnics on the beach. Especially for those of you who want a quiet vacation atmosphere and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. While having a picnic, you can also see the beauty of the sea.

4. Lack of facilities

Kolbano Beach is a beach with minimal facilities. Visitors who want to travel to Kolbano Beach are advised to bring food and drinks because the area around Kolbano Beach is still very quiet. And there are rarely stalls selling food and drinks. Even though there are minimal facilities, it doesn’t make adventurers fail to come there. In fact, due to the lack of these facilities, Kolbano Beach looks like it has not been touched by civilization, and its beauty and sustainability are still neatly preserved.

5. Access to the location

Access to Kolbano Beach is quite difficult due to inadequate public transportation, but there is no need to worry because previously visitors could rent a vehicle from Kupang City. The road conditions to the Kolbano area are quite varied. Visitors will pass winding roads and also climbs and descents that stimulate adrenaline. But take it easy because along the road that visitors pass will also be presented with various views. And diverse natural panoramas such as rice fields and fields of the surrounding villagers, stretches of hills and towering cliffs as well as several local traditional houses.

Approximately after passing a distance of 135 km from Kupang City, visitors will arrive at a beach which is scattered with colorful gravel rocks on the shore that will make visitors fascinated. The combination of the beauty of the blue sea water and the stretch of colorful pebbles complements the panoramic beauty of Kolbano Beach.

6. The price of admission

To enter Kolbano Beach, you don’t need to prepare a large budget because the entry fee is only around Rp. 2000 – Rp. 5000. But unfortunately, This beach does not yet have any public facilities for visitors. Only a few lopo-lopos (a kind of bale-bale / gazebo) that can be used as a place to rest for visitors.

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