List of Refreshing Water Tourism around Bandung

List of Refreshing Water Tourism around Bandung – Part 1

Bandung Raya not only has amazing mountain tours, but also several soothing water attractions. Starting from lakes, waterfalls, to rivers. Tourists can visit the following places to simply get away from the stress of city life. During your trip, don’t forget to follow health protocols. Take care of 3M, namely wearing a mask, washing your hands or using a hand sanitizer, and keeping your distance. Here is the list of Refreshing Water Tourism around Bandung.

1. Curug Malela Curug Malela

Is located in Manglid Village, Cicadas Village, Rongga District, West Bandung Regency. The operating hours are every day from 08.00 – 16.00 WIB with an entrance ticket price of Rp.5,500 per person. The location is in West Bandung Regency, West Java. The widened shape of the waterfall is often said to be similar to Niagara Falls on the American-Canadian border. That’s why this waterfall is known as The Little Niagara.

This place offers beautiful waterfall tours, where visitors can be satisfied taking pictures with the background of this waterfall. The water that flows in Curug Malela comes from the upstream river in the northern part of Mount Kendeng. This waterfall is about 60 meters high and 70 meters wide. There are five waterfall paths that are quite large. This waterfall is the top of the seven waterfalls. At the bottom, there are six other waterfalls. namely Katumiri waterfall, Manglid waterfall, Ngeubul waterfall, Sumpel waterfall, Palisir waterfall and Pamengpeuk waterfall.

2. Situ Cileunca

Situ Cileunca is an artificial lake in the Warnasari area, Pangalengan, Bandung Regency. The ticket price is IDR 2,500 per person. Here, tourists can go around this vast lake on a small wooden boat with rates starting at IDR 75,000 per person. This place is popular as a place to enjoy the beauty of the sunrise. Tourists can also do rafting which includes the flow of the Palayangan River or just take pictures at several Instagramable spots. One of the popular ones is the bridge that crosses the lake.

3. Situ Patenggang

Besides Situ Cileunca, there is also Situ Patenggang which is located in Ciwidey, Bandung Regency. In this place, you can enjoy the beauty of the vast lake and tea plantations overlooking the lake. You can rent a boat provided by the manager to get around the lake. Also visit Cinta Island which is in the middle of the lake. in Patengan Village, Rancabali Subdistrict, Bandung Regency, West Java, looks beautiful with its distinctive calming and quiet conditions wrapped in very cool air. The expanse of lush and green tea gardens also make a special attraction for this lake.

If you are hungry, you can enjoy Sundanese specialties in a large Pinisi boat-shaped restaurant. Not only that, this place also has glamping facilities for staying with family, namely Glamping Lakeside Rancabali. There are several types of luxury tents here with a variety of attractive facilities. Prices start from Rp. 1.2 million per tent. The entrance ticket to Situ Patenggang is IDR 25,000 per person. The operating hours are 09.00 – 17.00 WIB.

We still have more list of refreshing water tourism around Bandung Raya on the next article, stay tuned!


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