Mandorak Beach

Mandorak Beach 2 Coral Cliffs Are Its Main Enchantment

Mandorak Beach 2 Coral Cliffs Are Its Main Enchantment – Mandorak Beach feels very suitable even for those who have a phobia with beach attractions. For most, it would be surprising to see why some people are afraid of the beach.
Mandorak Beach is very different from other beaches. Apalgi is located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, which is famous for its natural beaches that are still preserved.

Big factors for a thalassophobia, or people who are afraid of beaches such as:

  • The waves breaking the reef
  • High waves
  • Eyes fixed directly on the open sea

The attraction of Mandorak Beach, South west Sumba
The location of Mandorak Beach is directly adjacent to the Indonesian Ocean, as one of the oceans that has very large waves.

In the end, Mandorak  has become one of the prima donna of South west Sumba tourism which is very popular. And here is the attraction:

Special Characteristics of Mandorak Beach

They Beach is very easy to recognize, because it has a special characteristic, namely in the form of rocks facing each other.

In the middle of the flow of sea water. And a few tens of meters in front of the two rocks, there are rocks that slightly block the view to the high seas.

Beach Sand

For those of you who are coming to Mandorak  for the first time, at first glance you will not see the ocean because it is blocked by coral cliffs.

Then where is the sand beach? The sand beach is on the right side of the cliff, the area of ​​the beach sand is only the size of the 2 opposite rocks.

The beach sand is  a white. And the beach does not have high waves.

Even the waves that hit the reef, then gushed upwards, or also known as the Water Blow, can only be seen at certain moments.

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