most haunted cities in the world

Most Haunted Cities In The World – Part 2

All these cities have the impression of horror because they are probably abandoned by their inhabitants due to various factors such as natural disasters, pollution, war and so on. Even though it has been abandoned, there are still people who have the guts to visit it. Here another list for most haunted cities in the world.

1. Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat is a city located near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, Kiev Oblast, northern Ukraine. This city has a special status as a city which is under the direct supervision of the Kiev Oblast. The city is monitored by the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine as part of a territory that lies within the alienation zone.

In 1970 the city was founded as a residence for the Chernobly NPP employees, at least 50,000 people live in this city. This city has a fairly complete infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, malls, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, sports buildings, playgrounds, stations and others.

But an unexpected incident occurred in 1986 when reactor No.4 exploded which caused a large amount of dangerous radioactive chemicals to be dispersed through the air and caused contamination to the surrounding area.

This city was forced to be evacuated after the explosion. The city, which initially had a fairly dense population, immediately became an uninhabited city.

2. Varosha, Famagusta, Cyprus

Before becoming a ghost town, Varosha was a modern tourist city, the city was filled with luxurious facilities that could pamper tourists. The majority of the population at that time were Greeks with a population of 39,000.

The city was abandoned inhabitants after turning into a battlefield when the Turkish army invaded. Greek Cypriot troops went to Larnaca and its citizens fled for fear of being slaughtered.

In the end the city of Famagusta fell to the Turks. However, this invasion is considered an illegal occupation by the United Nations and the European Union. The UN also provides a buffer and a sign that this city is forbidden. Even the UN also borders the city with barbed wire and this area guard post is used as a military zone.

Now that the decades have passed, the city of Varosha has turned into a ghost town. Bush took over the place even trees grew everywhere.

3. Wittenoom, Western Australia

In Australia there one of the most dangerous and contaminated cities in the world, which is called Wittenoom. Before becoming an uninhabited city, it was home to around 20,000 residents.

This city was victorious around 1930 – 1966, where the city had residents who worked as carriers of deadly blue asbestos. How not to say deadly, more than 2,000 people died in connection with mining activities in Wittenoom and the entire city is a contaminated place.

Because of the danger of this city, in 1978 the local government decided to close this city on the basis of the safety of its citizens. I don’t know what these people thought, the city of Wittenoom had become a new tourist center. And managed to bring in thousands of tourists just to take photos which were then uploaded to social media.

Whereas exposure to abscess residual fibers can be fatal and the authorities have done everything they can to keep people away from the area. Until 2006, the government removed Wittenoom from the map. Removed signs and road signs leading to it, cut power lines and put up warning signs. But these efforts do not work for fans of extreme tourism, they ignore the warning and still come there.

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