newest tourist attractions in Singapore

Newest Tourist Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is one country that will never tire of visiting. Even though this country has a relatively small area, it has beauty in every corner. Therefore, it is not enough to visit here just once. Maybe a few years ago you went to Singapore for a vacation with your partner, family or friends. But do you know which are the newest tourist spots in Singapore? So here are 9 of the newest Singapore tourist attractions in 2020 that are hits and you can visit.

1. Changi Experience Studio

Changi Experience Studio is one of the newest tourist attractions in Singapore. This place is an interactive museum surrounding the Changi airport. Here you can learn the history of Changi where Changi itself is one of the most important airports in Asia, while having fun with various exciting games. Because of its location in the airport area, when you arrive in Singapore or you have a lot of free time before returning home, you can explore this place.

2. Coast-to-Coast Trail

If you visit Singapore, don’t forget to visit this newest tourist spot, namely the Coast-to-Coast Trail. The Coast-to-Coast Trail is one of the new spots for jogging or just walking. This 36 km walking trail connects the west coast and the east coast of Singapore from Jurong Lake Garden to Coney Island Park. The time it takes to walk from end to end of this track is approximately 8 hours.

3. Orchard Design

Design Orchard is one of Singapore’s newest 2020 tourist attractions which is again hits. This shopping center on Orchard Road presents a variety of local Singapore crafts that you can buy. In addition, this place is also the only mall in Singapore that has products from 70 local designers. One of the favorite tourist attractions in Singapore, it has an open concept that blends with the surrounding public spaces. If you visit here, don’t forget to take pictures with the amphitheater which is suitable for taking pictures.

4. Deliveroo Food Market

For you culinary lovers, you must visit Deliveroo Food Market. This dining place gives a minimalist and futuristic impression. Apart from that, this place also has very few staff because the ordering system is fully automatic. First, you can order and make payments at one of the available kiosks. Then pay attention to your name on the digital board to find out your order status. When your food is ready to be served you just have to double-tap the digital screen with your name on it.

For those of you who have limited funds, you don’t need to worry because there are many cheap places to eat in Singapore. You just have to explore it.

5. Floral Fantasy

The newest Singapore tourist spot that you must visit next is Floral Fantasy. As the name implies, this Floral Fantasy offers a fantasy world with beautiful flowers as its main attraction. This place was smaller in size than Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Floral Fantasy features four different garden landscapes such as Dance, Float, Waltz and Drift. With moving flower arrangements, rivers, waterfalls and caves every part of it becomes a lot of fun. Here there are more than 150 species of plants from around the world on display.

6. Hi Roller

For those of you who want to experience a different vacation in Singapore, you can visit this one place, Hi Roller. This place is the largest skating rink in Singapore, here you can slide fun by roller skating or inline skating. But if you’ve never tried it, there are separate tracks for each skill level here.

7. Holey Moley

Holey Moley is the newest hangout and you must visit. This place is not an ordinary mini golf course, but upon entering you will be greeted with bright colors, dance music and neon lights. To try your hand at getting a hole-in-one, don’t forget to take some pictures here. There are also bars and gourmet here that serve a wide variety of delicious drinks and food.

8. Jurong Lakeside Garden

Jurong Lakeside Garden has the theme of a family garden complete with public spaces that are arranged in such a way. You can make this place an option to relax while enjoying the beauty of nature. Lakeside’s transformation plan was first announced during the National Day Rally in 2014. After waiting for five years, Jurong Lakeside Garden finally opened. In this park you can see beautiful scenery along the Rasau Walk, a 300 meter long path that takes you around the wetlands and is close to the edge of the Jurong lake. Besides that, you can also enjoy more than 50 species of plants and there are also birds.

9. NERF Action Xperience

Who doesn’t know NERF? A worldwide toy brand that is still popular among children today. Interestingly, in Singaoura, there is now the first NERF theme park in the world. At NERF Action Xperience, you can feel the action with NERF to its full potential. Not only shooting, here you can also carry out exciting missions until there are creative rides for children.

Those are some of the newest Singapore tourist attractions in 2020 that you must visit while on vacation here. From the row of tourist attractions above, which place do you want to visit the most?

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