List of Refreshing Water Tourism around Bandung

Pekalongan Tour, Curug Squirrel

Pekalongan Tour, Curug Squirrel – But our goal is still to Curug Bajing in Petungkriyono, Pekalongan Regency, so now turn left first. Actually, the distance is not too far, but the condition of the Petungkriyono road, which is somewhat damage, means that the speed cannot be maximized. Not to mention that if you bump into a car from different directions, you have to be very careful because the road is not wide enough. The ravines on either side are also very scary even though the scenery is amazing.

Our cars passed on a fairly narrow road. Until there must be a motorbike rider who gets off and helps to direct the car so that it does not fall over the cliff. Finally, after almost an hour from Curug Sibedug we drove and ran into trucks several times, we arrived at the parking lot of Curug Bajing.

Pekalongan Tour, Curug Squirrelf

We had lunch at a warung near the entrance counter. It’s a bit late lunch as we misstated the travel time. Red rice, pomfret fish, chili paste, sauteed tauco anchovies, and warm mendoan tempeh went straight into my stomach without permission. Then closed with ginger drink which tastes too sweet for me in Central Java and its surroundings.

After our late lunch, I started going down the path to the waterfall. The distance is not far, only 300 meters. Actually, we wanted to go to Curug Lawe which is closer, but the trekking takes 30 minutes, so we prefer the trekking which is less than 5 minutes because it wants to rain. On the road there is a bridge building that vines over a tree. The selfie tree is his name.

The squirrel waterfall is visible from afar. The size is much bigger than I expected. It was probably almost 100 meters high. Seeing the water discharge and its height, I don’t think anyone would dare to swim under this waterfall. Just hearing the roar of the water from afar gave me goosebumps.(Pekalongan Tour, Curug Squirrel)

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