Realize the Dream Around the World

Realize the Dream Around the World

For those who like traveling, being able to travel around the world is certainly an ideal. But to be able to realize the dream around the world is not an easy matter, so this article will show you how we can help you give some tips.

However, traveling around the world is certainly not an impossible thing to do as long as you have the right way to make it happen. But not a few people let alone go around the world, holidays that are close by are often delayed.

Then, what can be done to realize the dream to travel around the world? It is not very difficult, here are some easy ways to make traveling around the world, as quoted from

1. Know Information Regarding Domestic and Global Economic Conditions

Knowing the latest economic information both domestically and globally is very important. Because this can also affect your traveling costs later.

For example, when the rupiah currency turns out to be weakening due to external conditions that make other currencies or the destination country for traveling to strengthen later, then this can be a reference to discourage going to that country.

Conversely, you can shift it to other countries with relatively stable or less expensive currencies. That way, traveling abroad can be done because the budget is affordable.

2. Choose a destination that suits your financial condition

Of course, the intention to go on vacation can be anywhere, but all of this is definitely not free from cost calculations too. The farther and more expensive the holiday you choose, the longer it will take you to prepare the costs.

This is certainly not a problem, as long as you have a strong commitment to prepare the budget. However, the easiest step and will make your financial condition safe is to choose a destination that suits your abilities.

Make sure you choose the right destination and according to the conditions so that this vacation plan will be easier to realize.

3. Calculate and Determine the Budget

If you have chosen the right destination, then immediately collect accurate information related to that destination. This is important, so that it is easier for you to calculate the various costs needed during the holidays.

There are several cost components that need to be calculated, such as the cost of airplane tickets or transportation during a vacation, lodging costs, food and souvenir costs, entrance fees for tourist destinations, and others.

Don’t forget to prepare for some unexpected costs too. So that you can deal with various emergency conditions that may occur during the holidays.

4. Set aside a salary every month and a special tube for ‘traveling’

In order to speed up collecting vacation expenses, immediately set a number of funds that will be set aside from the monthly salary. You can save about 10-15 percent of your monthly salary specifically for holidays, so the money collected will be bigger.

But don’t let these holiday funds interfere with finances. Make sure all basic needs are properly met throughout the month and prioritize this first. Save this holiday funds in a special and separate account, so you are not tempted to spend or even use it for other things.

5. Frugality and Discipline in Finances

In addition, you also need to make savings in finances, so that more money can be allocated as vacation funds. This may be difficult if you go to the extreme. So just try to do it gradually.

There are many ways you can save your monthly expenses, one of which is by limiting yourself to engaging in “expensive hobbies” that you like, such as coffee at a cafe or even washing your hair in the salon twice a week.

You can do both hobbies without having to be in a cafe or a salon. However, do it at home and you only need to buy the necessary materials. You can make your own coffee or creambath yourself at home, which is definitely more economical.

6. looking for additional income, why not?

Isn’t it enough just to rely on salary? You can also look for additional income to speed up the collection of funds for this holiday.

You can choose a side job that can make you some money, such as teaching weekend lessons, being an online writer, babysitting on weekends, working part time, and others.

But make sure this side job does not interfere with your main job, especially if you are a busy person at the office.

Plan Well and Realize the Dream Around the World

Vacation is not a difficult thing to do, if from the start you can plan properly. Start this by making the right vacation plans, so you can manage your budget properly from the start.

Next, manage your finances and save your vacation expenses with a strong commitment, so that traveling plans are not just a dream.

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