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Recommendations for Nature Tourism in Bengkulu

Recommendations for Nature Tourism in BengkuluBengkulu, the city of Rafflesia flowers, is no less popular than other famous cities in Indonesia. There are many charming tourist attractions here and here are 5 tourist attractions in Bengkulu; that are rare known but are very unfortunate if overlook.

The location of this waterfall is located in Renah Kandis, Bengkulu Tengah. The best time to visit this waterfall is during the rainy season; because it often displays a rainbow reflection on the water.

Mandi Angin Waterfall is located in Air Berau Village, Pondok Suguh District, Mukomuko Regency. The location is quite far from residential areas located in the Limited Production Forest (HPT) area. To get to the location, you have to fight extra, especially during the rainy season, because the road traversed by coral lines. The Mandi Angin Waterfall is claim to be the highest in Bengkulu, the height reaching 80 meters makes anyone who sees it will feel satisfied. Unfortunately, this waterfall is less explored by ordinary people, even for Bengkulu people themselves. Remote location which is up to 23 km to get to the location. With a moral track, this tourist spot is rarely visit by tourists.

Recommendations for Nature Tourism in Bengkulu

Sebelat Nature Tourism Park, one of the highly recommended tourist objects for you nature lovers. Because Sebelat Nature Tourism Park has the only elephant habitat in Bengkulu. Not only elephant habitat, you will be present with a view of the forest from a distance and the beauty of the Sebelat River which stretches up to 80 meters. Most of the tourists who come are local residents.

If you are traveling through the Sumatra Bengkulu road, you will definitely see how beautiful this beach is. The location is easily accessible to make it one of the recommended tourist attractions. This next tourist spot is located not far from Kaba Hill. Where you just need to travel about 17 km from downtown Curup.

The natural scenery in Mas Harun Bastari Lake can be said to be very good and attractive, covering an area of ​​36 hectares. Equipped with hills around it, anyone who enjoys it will feel happy as if they were in a fairy tale.(Recommendations for Nature Tourism in Bengkulu)

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