Reference Tourist Attractions in

Reference Tourist Attractions in Jakarta

Reference Tourist Attractions in Jakarta – Sometimes when we go to Jakarta, we are definitely confused about which tourist destination to go to, we remember only the mall. Even though there are so many tours in Jakarta and you don’t have to be in a mall. My dream has always been to go to the old city area of ​​Jakarta. Can make it happen when I went to Jakarta yesterday was very happy.

A little story about old city tourism, Jakarta is an area which is evidence of the glory; and existence of the Dutch era, which was formerly called Batavia. What makes it unique is the style of the building in the European style which is very grand. This old city area was also used as the center of government in the 1650s until it was replaced by the Japanese colonial transition period which changed its name to Jakarta.

Reference Tourist Attractions in Jakarta

Around the old town area, it is now use as museums, such as the Fatahillah Museum, the Wayang Museum, the Bank Mandiri Museum and the Fine Arts Museum. Then, since 1972 the Old City of Jakarta has been use as a cultural heritage by the then Governor of Jakarta. That afternoon, amidst the heat of Jakarta, the old city of Jakarta looks bustling. Some are busy cycling, taking pictures or hanging out in local cafes. Anyway, it is really mandatory to travel to the old city of Jakarta.

Jakarta has a Ferris wheel or J-Sky Ferris Wheels Aeon which makes me proud, because usually abroad, which is a tourist center, must have a Ferris wheel to see multi-storey buildings. So at Aeon Mall there is J-Sky Ferris Wheels Aeon immediately wants to go up. For the ticket once increased Rp. 50.000, – which opens at 10.00 – 22.00. With a height of 69 meters above the J-Sky Ferris Wheels Aeon, we are satisfie to see Jakarta’s beautiful buildings.

From Art Museums to Fond of Instagram Photos

Motomoto Indonesia in Jakarta just opened last April, but there are so many enthusiasts. Yes, you know, now you have a photo fever to show off on Instagram. The entry fee is 100k on weekdays and 125k on holidays, but the fun thing is that you can get a 60k meal voucher. For its location in BSD City. I really like the concept, like a photo museum with a collection of artwork, but there is also a restaurant.

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