Cattleya Park

Relief Park from Jakarta’s Traffic Jam

Cattleya Park, Relief Park from Jakarta’s Traffic Jam – Cattleya Park aka Tomang Park is one of the parks in the city of Jakarta which has various types of plants, trees, flowers and is also equipped with many public facilities.

Jakarta residents often use this park as a place to relax while enjoying the green trees that thrive on these trees. Cattleya Park is most visited by young people on weekends who choose this location as a hangout or hangout place.

The garden atmosphere feels cool and well organized. No wonder the visitors who come here always try to take the time to take selfies. So it’s no wonder that Cattleya Park in Palmerah has earned the title of an Instagramable park.

The park, which has an area of ​​about three hectares, is also equip with a lake that has a variety of fish. That is also frequently visit by fishing enthusiasts who try to test their luck in trying to get fish there.

History And Facilities Of Cattleya Park

At that time, Tomang park was identical to the garden of nasty, shabby, damaged and neglected. Most of the garden area is cover with zinc and shrubs. However, since around 2013, the local government has begun to seriously pay attention to this park. As part of the renovation process of Tomang Garden, the name of the park was changed to Cattleya Park.

However, in recent years it has not been heard from since the park is not open 24 hours and there is also 24 hour security in the park area.For the comfort and safety of all visitors, especially when the atmosphere is getting a bit dark.

If you want to explore tourist locations around West Jakarta, you can also use this park as a starting point. For historical tours, you can try the road to the Diamond City Bridge. This historic bridge is 8 km from the cattleya park. Kota Intan Bridge is the only remaining Dutch heritage bridge in Jakarta.

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