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Rupat Island is a Beautiful Island on the Border of the Malacca Strait

Rupat Island is a Beautiful Island on the Border of the Malacca StraitRupat Island is a tourist spot in Bengkalis which is very famous as an island that has a natural charm that really spoils the eyes of the visitors. Not only that, it turns out that is an island; with the status of the National Tourism Strategic Area or abbreviate as KSPN, which has been establish since 2011.

This determination is of course see from several aspects, one of which is the enchantment of beauty; and the tourism potential of destination, Bengkalis, Riau. Especially if the bridge construction project or the  Dumai road has been complete, the road to destination will take a short time, passing through several small islands, and the distance from Dumai to destination will not feel far.

Intrigued by the attraction of Rupat Island, Bengkalis Islands, Riau. Let’s look at the full reviews that we have compiled from various sources, as initial reference material for you to determine tourist attractions; when the holidays arrive. For those of you who don’t know where thats is, the location and address of destination is located in Bengkalis Regency, Riau Province. And on the island, there are 2 districts.

Rupat Island on the Border of the Malacca Strait

Likewise, the trip to destination is very beautiful when the weather is clear. Because it will pass several charming small islands. Rupat Island admission is free. It’s just that visitors have to pay for boat or boat transportation services. Destination is open every day, and destination is open 24 hours. Because the island is an inhabited island. There are 2 sub-districts, and 15 villages / wards.

The history of Rupat Island is related to natural processes, where it combines, or reunites with the mainland from small islands, which form large islands. On these islands, a perepat tree grows which is the forerunner of the history of naming. Because the other name Rupat Island is Perepat. With an area of ​​about 1,500 square kilometers, and to the north it is directly adjacent to the Malacca Strait.

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