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Saving Tips on Travel to Japan

Saving Tips on Travel to Japan – Transportation in Japan is expensive. Including taking the train inside or outside the city. For that, first determine where you want to go. If only in Tokyo, using SUICA is enough. If you want to move out of town, it’s best if you have a JR Pass. With the JR Pass you can travel around Japan on JR trains, including the Shinkansen.

The problem of Indonesians is that it is difficult to queue up. So, don’t be shy about the country when you’re in Japan. There all are queued at the station and very neatly stretched to the back. Learn to queue well first here before going there.

Halal food is hard to find in Japan because it contains mostly pork and sake. There is halal food, but there are not many of them and the price is also relatively expensive. Bringing instant noodles and bread will help you while there.

Saving Tips on Travel to Japan

To save money when surfing in Japan, just rent wifi from here. How come many travelers rent out at low prices, yes, around 400-500 thousand for a week and can be used by many people. For the plugs themselves, it’s different from Indonesia. You need to prepare a flat plug with 2 holes. Plus, bring a cable roll so you can charge all gadgets together.

As a rule, it is mandatory for tourists to bring 10000 Yen per day when entering Japan. Yes, even though you won’t be checked unless you get a random check. But you should bring that much money. It’s really hard to want a backpacker-style vacation or save money in Japan.

The weather forecast in Japan is indeed the best. When the weather forecast says it rains at 9:00 am it will almost certainly be raining, as well as if the weather is clear. That is why every time a rain prediction occurs, all Japanese citizens already carry an umbrella when traveling. So always check the weather in Japan, don’t keep it raining during your vacation there.(Saving Tips on Travel to Japan)

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