Short Vacation in Batu

Short Vacation in Batu City

Short Vacation in Batu City – If I need a little refreshing with my family, I always run to Malang and Batu. Malang, in my opinion, is more crowded with beautiful cafes, if Batu is the theme park paradise. But this holiday I didn’t explore Malang, I just explored in Batu. Yes, I want to enjoy the quiet night atmosphere in Batu.

Every time I pass Jalan KH Agus Salim, I always see that the Sidik shop always has visitors. When I was browse, he said that one of the stalls had; become a tourist destination.

The menu is really Indonesian, there are pecel rice, mix rice, warm, chicken soup and so on, which range in price from 12k-32k. I ordered Krengsengan rice with empal mixed rice. In my opinion, there are not many portions, yes, this is either because I am hungry or because of the minimalist portion. Meanwhile, it tastes like mixed rice in general.

Short Vacation in Batu City

The location of this WESB is across from Jatim Park 3. We deliberately did not stop by at Jatim Park 3 because the aim was for a thin refresh. Tickets actually cost 50k but said the ticket window keepers; are still discount to 25k and get milk for each ticket.

This WESB has been open since last December 2018, but in my opinion the echoes are not as exciting as Jatim Park 3 so that the WESB is quiet. There was an ATV, he said, it was still operating, then he said there was a dairy cow, but it didn’t exist. In some buildings there are still workers, it looks like this WESB is still not 100% finish. Then what are you doing to WESB? Finally, I just played in the playground area, while looking at the 75k ticket that I already bought.

Check Inn at Hotel Omah Londo

Staying in the Batu area must be prepared with a budget hotel which is more expensive than hotels in Malang. In Malang, a 3-star hotel costs 350k, while in Batu it can cost 500k. After broaching for about a week, finally I got a hotel that fits in my pocket, namely Omah Londo. Omah Londo has a strategic location, not far from the Angkut Museum and Kusuma Agro area. As the name implies, the concept of Omah Londo is Dutch. Miniatures such as windmills and the Deen Haag area.

The room is clean, the toilet is clean and there is hot water. Even though you can’t get breakfast, we ordered grabfood, the postage is cheap under 10k. In the morning my son, Nay, was really happy to swim until he was satisfie. Incidentally the hotel is still new, so not many people use the swimming pool facilities. (Short Vacation in Batu City)

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