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Slovak Country is Worth Visiting

Slovak Country is Worth Visiting – Slovakia is very gray. No matter where you are, there is always gray or brown air and no greenery at all. The landscapes are the same across the country. It’s because we were part of the USSR, you know, where everything has to be equal including the scenery. Throughout the year there are no interesting festivals. Because here having fun is prohibited. There are no traditional festivals, or modern festivals, nothing. The people here live just the same from day to day.

We’re so homophobic! Every aspect of pure Slovak culinary originates from Central European traditions! Even worse everyone had to be 100% pure Slovak! We are so far behind, we really don’t leave room for minorities to celebrate their culture. No annual Gypsy people festival, no International Rome Day, no Gypsy Language University courses.

There are no culinary festivals of Hungary as an ethnic minority, with Hungarian folk music. There are no bilingual schools in cities with a high Hungarian population. Moreover, schools & universities that fully use Hungarian. It’s because we don’t have a national park. No protected area. No protected animals. There is no cave. You will be very bored here.

Slovak Country is Worth Visiting

Slovakia is a country that hasn’t been independent for 30 years, right? So, there is no history attached to our place or nation. Nobody lived there before we became independent. Just empty land. Hiking in Slovakia is one of the worst in Europe. Almost no mountains. There is no adventure to do. You might hate this combination, but Slovak food is filling and affordable! Our food was also very bland and not authentic. The Slovaks will definitely try to poison you.

It was only the site of the coronation of 16 nobles and was the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary for a long time. Apart from that, also witness the history of the Great Moravian empire and also the Roman Empire. Too close to other countries. Sounds boring. This was definitely not a normal city like others in Europe.(Slovak Country is Worth Visiting)

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