Enchantment Of The Prambanan Heritage Area

Temple Lumbung, Enchantment Of The Prambanan Heritage Area

Temple Lumbung, Enchantment Of The Prambanan Heritage Area – Lumbung Temple is a very historical tourist attraction, located close to other temples. Such as Bubrah Temple and Prambanan Temple.

Lumbung Temple, which we will discuss at the moment, is located in Klaten Regency, Central Java Province. Because in Magelang Regency there is also Lumbung Temple, with another name Lumbung Sengi Magelang Temple.

Therefore, before we get into the discussion of Lumbung Klaten Temple, it is better if we first know the difference between; Lumbung Klaten Temple and Lumbung Magelang Temple.
The difference between Lumbung Klaten Temple and Lumbung Sengi Temple in Magelang
1. Location
The location of the Klaten Lumbung Temple is located in a very large area
The location of Lumbung Magelang Temple is not very large
2. Buildings
The Lumbung Klaten Temple building has 17 buildings
Buildings Lumbung Magelang Temple has 1 main temple
That is the difference between the two temples. The similarity lies in the historical value that has existed for hundreds of years, and has a beautiful persona with a different character.

History of Lumbung Klaten Temple At Prambanan

It is estimati that the Lumbung Klaten Temple; was build around the 9th century, the century when the ancient Mataram kingdom; was famous for its extraordinary architectural value.

The number of temples that were built at that time, such as Prambanan Temple and Borobudur Temple, made it the country of temple builders.

The ancient Mataram era was eventually divid into two, and this had an impact on the status of the existing temples.
The first group is also call Sailendra Pemuja Siwa, and the second group is Sailendra Mahayana Buddhists. And Lumbung Temple is a Buddhist temple.
The attraction of Lumbung Klaten Temple
For tourists who have come to Lumbung Temple before 2006, of course there will be a slight difference in the Lumbung Temple area.

As we all know that this year was a deep sorrow for Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta, which was hit by a very large earthquake.

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