Terawang Cave in Blora

Terawang Cave in Blora, Not as Beautiful as Photos

Terawang Cave in Blora, Not as Beautiful as Photos – To fill the long weekend of the Christmas holiday, our family went to Blora to seek culinary tourism satisfaction. We started from the city of Cepu, a journey that I thought would take an hour, but in 45 minutes we arrived in Blora. Yes, a city that I initially considered a sub-district with Cepu district, apparently this city is a district of Cepu. Indeed, it is no secret that Blora is less famous than Cepu, the city of oil.

With a good alibi in Blora, we also took the initiative to travel. Initially there was no planning at all, then we wentogling to find tourist attractions. Understandably, the land in Blora is a moving land which results in many potholes and damage roads.

From the results of googling, I decided to go to Terawang Cave, which I think looks very beautiful and contemporary in cyberspace. Although at first my husband objected because the road was not good enough, he finally said yes. Sure enough, the road to Goa Terawang is damage and winding unevenly. In the car, we will be lulle into the flow of the up and down road. In fact, we found the sight of people drunk or “jackpot” along the way to the terawang cave.

Terawang Cave in Blora

One hour from the city of Blora, a google map voice “Your’e destination will be arrived” lamente that we had arrived at Goa Terawang. Still not believing we had reached Goa Terawang, we circled Jalan trying to convince ourselves that we were misled by the map guide. In fact, Terawang Cave was right in front of us. Okay, still convinced myself “maybe” the outside is not well maintained but the inside will definitely be beautiful.

The atmosphere in Goa Terawang this time was quite busy, the police were guarding it and the people who came were no less. Apparently, there was a dangdut event that attracted quite a lot of visitors. We entered at a fee of IDR 15,000, maybe if there was no dangdut event, HTM wouldn’t be that expensive. For the size of entering the cave, I think the htm is expensive because it is not aligned with the facilities.

The music from Isyana Sarasvati led us to the steps of the Terawang Cave. But don’t imagine the song being like on television, but Isyana in the dangdut version, complete with a deadly shake and super mini clothes.Not far from the entertainment stage, there are steps to the Terawang Cave. We walked down the unkempt steps, rusty iron railings, some garbage and some manicured plants became our sight.

Not as Beautiful as Photos

The atmosphere inside the cave feels cool and beautiful, for a moment we still forget; about the real condition of the cave. We are also engross in carrying out the selfie ritual. In fact, this Terawang Cave sure looks good if it is manage well.

The soil contained in this rock quarry is calcareous soil which is very difficult to pass. Even my 4 year old son, managed to fall in a maneuver, grumbling “Why do you give me chalk on this land?” It’s hard to explain Toddler. The easiest answer might be this, “it’s destiny, son, if the soil is calcareous, it doesn’t mean that people are given chalk” .

We also became “jipers” after someone walked toward us whispering “don’t get too deep, without a guide”. We were gawking and watched as the man left; and watched him run into the cave muttering reciting prayers, I don’t know what he was doing. Because the person’s invisibility whisper succeeded in making us only 10 minutes, enjoying this cave. I also documented not many photos because I focused on seeing the slippery road to the cave.(Terawang Cave in Blora, Not as Beautiful as Photos)

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