The Best Retirement Places in the World

The Best Retirement Places in the World

In fact, it takes a lot of effort to compile a list of the best retirement places in the world. It always involves various analyzes and in-depth surveys from different places all over the world with specific criteria so that you can determine the best retirement place for you.

In this context there are several main criteria used to determine the best retirement place for you including living costs, purchase costs, benefits, housing requirements, infrastructure, security, environment, entertainment, climate conditions, lifestyle and various other factors.

The following is a list of retirement places that you can make a reference as a place for you to retire someday.

1. Vietnam

The low cost of living is one reason to choose to retire in Vietnam. Apart from that Vietnam also has tropical climate and is supported by competitive property prices so that your retirement in this Southeast Asian country is a great option to spend your old age.

2. Malaysia

Most people in Malaysia already speak English. Food prices are cheap for daily life. In terms of health costs, Malaysia offers quite affordable costs. And last but not least, beautiful tropical beaches are perfect for pampering your retirement time.

3. New Zealand

If you want your old age to feel peaceful and beautiful then New Zealand is the right choice because this country has a very beautiful natural landscape, complete infrastructure will allow retirees to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful old age.

4. Ecuador

Ecuador is also one of the best countries for retirement. Based on the assessment system carried out by, this supported by affordable housing prices, cheap transportation costs (half price discounts for 65 years and above) and good climate and various other benefits. height of the 25 best states.

5. Malta

The cost of daily living and the cost of living in Malta is reasonable. The climate in Malta is good with an average temperature of around 18 C. Heavy tax cuts and low crime rates have made the country a popular choice as a retirement destination.

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