The Coolness Of Tourism In Grafika

The Coolness Of Tourism In Grafika Cikole Lembang

The Coolness Of Tourism In Grafika Cikole Lembang – The cold caught me and pierced my body when I entered the Grafika Cikole area. Its location which is located at km 8 feet of Mount Tangkuban Perahu; makes me cold accompanied by dark cloudy weather. Tours at Grafika Cikole are the next itenerary when traveling in Bandung. I am indeed curious about the Hobbit house posts in this area.

From Farm House Lembang, I traveled to the Grafika Cikole area for almost an hour. Understandably, Lembang is always busy and full of traffic jams with plate B cars. At Grafika Cikole itself, the car park looks full and you can see several people busy traveling; with participants from several companies.

I ask permission to just walk around this area without staying overnight and without outbound. Yes, just selfies and only snapping photos in front of the Hobbit house. Once again I said, “I only took photos, and didn’t stay overnight,” the answer was “Yes, it’s full and photos that don’t stay overnight are prohibited.”

The Coolness Of Tourism In Grafika Cikole Lembang

Disappointed with the receptionist’s answer, I couldn’t help but have to ward off the desire to take pictures at the Hobit House. However, because my child wanted to go to the bathroom, I then fold into the bathroom; which was locate behind the receptionist room. From the bathroom I saw the Hobbit house looking beautiful from a distance. Around him were towering pine trees.

With lodging, outbound and restaurant facilities. The charm of a hobbit-like inn on Lord Of The Ring often makes visitors curious.

I walked uphill towards the hobit houses. I was tire enough to walk because my stamina had drain all day after going to Dusun Bambu and Farm House. My tiredness paid off when I was able to see the Hobbit house up close. The inn does look full of visitors who stay overnight. I did not intend to stay in the Grafika Cikole area because I was more interested in staying in Lembang which is close to Bandung.

Many Facilities Grafika Cikole Lembang

Here I just take pictures and sit back and relax in front of the Hobbit’s house. I also saw the outbound participants who were busy playing and screaming enjoying some games that tested their guts. On the website I also saw other facilities such as deer breeding, horse riding, tracking, picking strawberries and camping in the pine forest area.

To stay at Grafika Cikole, you should book in advance by telephone, and to stay at Grafika Cikole is not yet available with an online system. It is recommend to book a room at least 3 days from the date of arrival. There are several types of rooms, namely Pinus, Damar and Cemara; which are similar to a Hobbit house with a capacity of 6 people. If you want cheaper, you can stay with a hotel room type with a capacity of 2 people, or you can also stay with a camping tent type. (The Coolness Of Tourism In Grafika Cikole Lembang)

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