the most unique holidays in the world

The Most Unique Holidays In The World – Part 2

Who would have thought that the routine activities carried out every day could become a holiday in certain countries? This article will continued to discuss about the most unique holidays in the world. As article before, we know all countries have their own tradition. And how they celebrate the tradition. They have unique holidays as such you can see in article below.

1. Pee Day – Second Saturday in March (Princenton)

Peeing Day or it can be called Pissing Day, is one of the weirdest holidays in the world. Before saying that this is a very strange thing and should not be used as a holiday, it should be noted that it turns out that the pee day which is celebrated in Princenton, New Jersey, America is a celebration that is carried out to remind of the Revolutionary War.

History or rumor has it that during the Revolutionary war, American soldiers peed on all British troops after removing them from the city of Princeton. Until recently, every Saturday in March, the Princeton people chose to recall moments that occurred during the Revolutionary War including the time they peed on British troops.

2. La Tomatina or Tomato War – The Last Wednesday in August (Spain)

Visiting a Spanish city in August is a good time if you want to experience how strange the massive food wars that are fought every year. Even though it is quite strange, this festival itself is quite famous around the world, namely La Tomatina aka Tomato War. If you also bring food with tomatoes on it. Then you will automatically participate in this festival.

During the celebration, you will see people throwing tomatoes and even hitting others. If you are not the kind of person who likes crowds especially this food war. Then you should not go out because this festival will target everyone. Well, at least seeing people throwing tomatoes at each other is an interesting thing to watch isn’t it. If you’re in the mood, get ready already in Spain on the last Wednesday before August, because that’s the day La Tomatina is celebrated.

3. Monkey Buffet Festival – Last Sunday of November (Thailand)

In Thailand, it turns out that there is something even stranger and funnier: the festival held every last Sunday in November, the monkey buffet festival. This celebration is held to pay homage to monkey animals. Legend in Thailand tells that at that time Rama gave Lopburi City to the Monkey King Hanuman. So that the Thai people followed the same custom by paying respect to similar animals, namely monkeys.

4. Las Bolas de Fuego – August 31 (El Salvador)

The Las Bolas de Fuego Festival or in Indonesian which means the Fireball Festival is a festival that held every 31 August in the City of Nejapa, El Salvador. The celebration is celebrated depiction of the battle between San Jeronimo and the devil.

The origin of this holiday is in 1922, residents of the city of Nejapa were forced to flee due to an eruption near the volcano. While in exile, they saw large fireballs coming out of the mountain. And they believed it was a battle between good and evil. Since then the Nejapa people celebrate it every year.

Las Bolas de Fuego was celebrated by starting to form 2 teams consisting of young men. Their faces would then be painted as if they were fighting. Then they would throw fireballs at each other, surrounded by people watching their movements. Even though at first it had been soaked with water, it was not uncommon for their clothes to burn.  Sometimes even the participants would be hit by a fireball thrown in front of them at a very close distance. Those of you who don’t know about this festival may find it a very strange celebration like a war zone.

We still have information about the most unique holidays in the world and one of them comes from Indonesia, curious? let’s see the next article ..

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