The Most Unique Holidays In The World

The Most Unique Holidays In The World – Part 3

All over the world have their respective holiday calendars. As we saw in the previous article, there are so many unique holidays that each country celebrates. We continue the following article about the most unique holidays in the world on article below.

1. Nyepi Day – Saka New Year (Bali)

We are proud because it turns out that according to the views of people, one of the strangest holidays in the world comes from Indonesia to be precise in Bali, namely Nyepi Day. Nyepi Day is celebrated every Saka New Year which is based on the Hindu calendar. Different from common beliefs, the Hindu New Year in Bali begins on the Saka New Year. This is what is called Nyepi or the English term Silent Night.

The reason why Nyepi is said to be one of the strangest holidays in the world is because as the name suggests, on that day for one day, Bali will be a very quiet city. General activities will be suspended, even public services such as transportation to airports both local and international are closed. Of course, it does not include critical ones, such as hospitals for example.

Nyepi Day itself is celebrated with the intention of asking the Almighty to purify humans and the universe. Nyepi is celebrated from 6am Saka New Year until 6am the next day.

2. Blessing Rainy Day – Between September 20 to 25 in the Gregorian (Bhutan) calendar

This Blessing Rainy Day Remembrance is a national holiday in Bhutan. Between September 20 and 25 of the Gregorian calendar, Bhutanese people will bathe in natural, mystically purified water outdoors. This event is led by the abbot who will decide what time the bath begins. However, for those who could not attend the event at the appointed hour, they could be before sunrise.

3. National Punctuation Day – America

America celebrates National Punctuation Day every September 24. This National Punctuation Day was coined by Jeff Robin who also manages the National Punctuation Day website. The holiday website encourages celebrating this occasion by reading the newspaper and looking for all possible punctuation errors that can be found, noticing shop signs using the wrong punctuation and buying the book The Elements of Style by Struk & White.

4. Melon Day (Turkmenistan)

Every Sunday, the second week, residents of Turkmenistan celebrate Melon Day. This holiday meant to keep the inhabitants of Turkmenistan in mind that their country is the best producer of melons in the world. The melon named Turkmenbashi melon, after the first president of Turkmenistan. The people of Turkmenistan believe that their melon has a taste that is second to none in the world.

5.Obama Day (Kenya)

In Kenya, Obama considered a national hero. Kenyans have commemorated Obama Day every November 6 since 2008. Kenyans will have parties and other forms of celebration. Apart from being held in Kenya, Obama Day also being held in Perry County, Alabama.

Those are the most unique holidays in the world that maybe someday if you visit the one of the countries you can join to celebrate it!

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