The Most Unique Holidays In The World

The Most Unique Holidays In The World – Part 1

Many of us know about popular national holidays such as Christmas or New Year. But do you know that in this world there is such a thing as pee day? It turns out that apart from the popular holidays that we know, in this world there are tons of the weirdest and most unique holidays. It is even designated as a national holiday celebrated by certain countries. Here are the most unique holidays from various countries in the world.

1. Bermuda Day – May 24 (Bermuda islands)

Bermuda is also the name for short pants commonly used for walking. Can be used by both men and women, these pants usually have a length of up to 1 inch above the knee. Tropical countries usually hold Bermuda celebrations every 24 May. This strange and funny celebration is carried out by wearing Bermuda pants for one day, even when going to the office or at meetings. So imagine a meeting with a serious tone but led by a person in short pants in a formal dress.

2. Hangul Day – October 9 (South Korea)

We may be grateful for the discovery of the national language that we use in everyday life. But what if we suppose that it should be celebrated for up to 2 days? Strange? This is not the case for Korea. They consider that the discovery of the letters they use deserves to be celebrated. The celebration itself is only 1 day, but many think that it should be celebrated for 2 days.

Hangul itself is the name for the letters used by South Koreans in writing Korean. In North Korea it is better known as Chosongul. This Hangul celebration is also one of the national days in South Korea so it’s no wonder that all offices will close their employees. This celebration is celebrated every October 9 with the aim of celebrating Hangul’s proclamation day in South Korea. Usually people will come to the statue of King Sejong in Seoul to commemorate the history of how the Hangul Letters were found.

3. Tinku “Neighbors Punching Day” – First Week in May (Bolivia)

Also known as the Tinku Festival, this festival is unique and suitable for people who have problems with their neighbors. Conducted every May in Bolivia, South America, especially in the cities of Macha and Potosi. People will gather in the middle of the city and soon the festival will start amidst the crowd. Tinku itself means meeting people, but if you had the chance to see what this Tinku festival was like, you might think of it as meeting, punching, and beating people to death.

Actually the purpose of this festival is not to hurt people, but as a celebration to ensure that the harvest that is produced will get good results, they even call it a ritual. The people of Macha and Potosi cities believed that Goddess Pachamama would give her a good harvest in a place where there was a lot of blood.

4. El Colacho – First Sunday After Corpus Christi (Spain)

El Colacho is the name for one of the strange and quite gruesome festivals which is the festival of jumping babies. This is done regularly every year by Catholics in Spain. The reason why the El Colacho holiday is celebrated is as a sign of exorcism in babies. A man would wear a demon-like costume and start jumping over babies who were sleeping on mattresses on the street.

Some believe that this will allow the baby to grow up well, have a good life, and also be free from sickness and evil intentions. Then is this festival safe to do? Of course not. Pope Benedict stressed for other Catholics not to attend the strange festival. Various churches also emphasize that it is better to do this through Baptism with water, than by jumping over babies.

The exact date of El Colacho is always different. The reason is that El Colacho is celebrated on the first Sunday following the Corpus Christi holiday. Corpus Christi itself is a term for a celebration that celebrates the evening of the supper before the Lord Jesus was crucified.

Still have a lot the most unique holidays in the world that you can know will continued in the next article, stay tuned!


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