Tips for Staying in Hotels During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Tips for Staying in Hotels During the Covid-19 Pandemic

If you are still afraid to staying in hotels during the Covid-19 pandemic, there are a number of tips to make your staying experience safer.

Most people have started to dare to vacation to a number of tourist destinations, including those that are quite far away. To avoid feeling tired while exploring the intended tourist destinations, inns are also seen as temporary shelters.

1. Make sure the hotel applies health protocols

The first thing tourists must make sure before booking a hotel is whether the hotel they are going to travel to has implemented the health protocol. Find out if the hotel has an approved health protocol or not. Usually there is from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy or IAKMI related to hygiene and health certification. Guests should also check whether health protocols are applied to the periodic cleaning of items, such as room keys so that guests feel safe and comfortable.

2. Find the correct hotel if the location is in the red zone

Regarding the location of the hotel, it doesn’t matter if the location is in the red or orange zone. Because in whatever zone the hotel is located, as long as the implemented health protocol is in accordance with the applied standards, the hotel should be safe enough to stop by. However, it is problematic in any zone if the hotel does not have health protocols and is dealing with guests with symptoms of Covid-19.

However, if forced to travel to the red zone, make sure the destination hotel has health protocols. If you have to go to certain areas, for example the red zone, hotel selection is important. If there are only ordinary inns or non-star hotels that have not implemented health protocols, it is better not to stay overnight.

3. Choose a hotel with a large area

When booking a hotel, make sure the building has a large enough area. So tourists can keep their distance from one another. For recommend you can choose a hotel that has a lot of open areas. That way, it can be ensured that there is adequate air circulation, temperature and light.

4. Bring adequate equipment

Apart from bringing clothes, Suggested that guests bring adequate vitamins and personal medicine so that they are always in good health. You can bring supplements, then hand sanitizers and masks.

5. Body condition must be fit

Even though vitamins, supplements and personal medicines are also taken during the stay, emphasized that guests must be in good health while staying. No matter how small the illness is, for example, such as a cough or cold, tourists should not force themselves to stay at the hotel. If you can, stay at the hotel in good condition. Even though other diseases have nothing to do with Covid-19, you can still at risk because your immune system is compromised.

6. Not using hotel services

If the hotel staff offers delivery service to the room, not recommend for using it. Suggested to guests to carry things themselves to the room to minimize contact with other people.

7. Bring your own cutlery when eating outside the hotel

Sometimes, tourists like to taste the culinary around the hotel. To be safer, suggested that they bring their own cutlery. If you eat at the hotel because you have implemented health protocols, you don’t need to bring food equipment, unless you really want to eat at outside hotel.

8. Pay attention to room ventilation

Good air flow is one way to prevent Covid-19 from staying in one room. Especially if someone else has stopped the room. When staying at a hotel, make sure the room you choose has adequate ventilation. If the room has a window, don’t forget to open it to increase air exchange from outside the room.

9. Follow the health protocols applied in the hotel

If the hotel has implemented adequate health protocols, it is better for guests to comply with them so that the stay period feels safer and more comfortable. Upon arrival from the hotel, guests are required to go through a temperature check procedure. If the temperature is above 37.3 degrees Celsius, guests are not allowed to enter. Follow 3M’s rules, which are to wear a mask while outside the room, wash your hands diligently, and keep your distance from each other. If guests forget to bring a hand sanitizer, they can wash their hands in the wash area or use a hand sanitizer at several points in the hotel. While in the elevator, make sure you keep your distance and stand at the sign the hotel has prepared.

If you already have planning for staying in Hotels during this holiday, hopefully you can follow this tips during the covid-19 Pandemic.

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