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Tour to Scotland Which Has Hundreds of Beautiful Small Islands

Tour to Scotland Which Has Hundreds of Beautiful Small Islands – In the four UK member countries, England is the largest country, England is also the most favorite destination in the UK. The proof, in June 2017, tourists who come to the UK increased to 3.5 million people, based on official data, this figure is an increase of 7 percent over the same period in the previous year. This proves that England is the favorite. Like Scotland which has hundreds of beautiful small islands, magnificent castles, also stunning coastlines; Wales with its beautiful countryside; and Northern Ireland, which has a peaceful natural charm with mountains and valleys.

Just decide which one you prefer. But, wherever the goal is, safety and comfort are also on the priority list, right? Even more so if you like the solo-traveling type or become an independent explorer. Of the four UK countries, you can try Scotland.

Tour to Scotland Which Has Hundreds of Beautiful Small Islands

Scotland is like a tourist paradise for travelers, you will never run out of ideas to be your itinerary. Starting from tours of natural beauty, historical tours, to beautiful man-made tours. Scotland has 730 islands of which 130 are uninhabited, this place has the highest waterfall in the UK, its height is four times higher than Niagara Falls.

Scotland has a cool historical tour too, one example is the site of a neolithic village on the island of Orkney, this site is the oldest building in the UK. And interestingly, for those of you who are curious about the natural beauty of the underwater world but don’t have the guts to jump directly, Scotland provides a transparent underwater tunnel with a length of up to 112 m, this underwater tunnel is the longest in Europe.

As a solo traveler, you must really think about vehicle access, right? Well fear not, in Scotland driving access is very easy. Public transportation in Scotland is very good and tidy, you can take the bus, ferry or train. In fact, Scotland has more than 300 train stations.(Tour to Scotland Which Has Hundreds of Beautiful Small Islands)

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