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Tourism Destination in North Sumatra : Taman Simalem Resort

Tourism Destination in North Sumatra : Taman Simalem Resort – This morning when I opened the balcony of my room at Taman Simalem Resort, I saw the beauty of Lake Toba above an altitude of 1500 meters, the panorama this morning really fascinated my eyes. Yes, even though I failed to see the sunrise; on the hill because of the cloudy weather at dawn, seeing Lake Toba from the balcony of the room; was a little relieved by my disappointment. After breakfast, my activities this morning started with Jungle Trekking.

I and the TX Travel group were pick up by bus to the cafe codons where jungle trekking start. Jungle trekking is an activity through nature in the beautiful forest of Taman Simalem Resort; with a predetermined location point to the end point of the twin waterfall. This travel distance is about 1.2 km with a travel time of approximately 1.5 hours of travel.

Tourism Destination in North Sumatra : Taman Simalem Resort

The journey begins by entering the Jungle Door; then entering the forest which is still lush and beautiful, the air is very cool with the sound of birds chirping and the sound of monkeys muttering. In the forest, the terrain that I travel was quite heavy because of the uphill texture of the ground and due to the drizzle last night the ground became slippery, for people like me who rarely do jungle trekking, this makes me quite exhausted but when I saw the twin waterfall I felt tired immediately beautiful panorama of this waterfall.

I just found out that Teddy Tamasya is a very friendly person, even though he just knew the TX Travel group but felt like he had known him for a long time, while watching the behind the scenes show Culinary On Vacation we laugh and didn’t see the ridiculousness of Teddy who was shooting with chef Taman Simalem Resort, ah, I can’t wait for the culinary program on vacation from Medan, Lake Toba and Taman Simalem Resort to air on television.(Tourism Destination in North Sumatra : Taman Simalem Resort)

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