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Travel Spot in Bandung That is Rarely Sound but Amazing

Travel Spot in Bandung That is Rarely Sound but Amazing – Do you agree or not if the city of Bandung is one of the destinations that you miss. Understandably, in addition to the delicious and varied culinary delights, the natural atmosphere and tourist objects; are what make this flower city a magnet for travelers. However, even though it has an endless appeal, it turns out that there are still many of you who feel bored if you visit the same place or have gone mainstream. Even though if you want, there are still so many tours in the city of Bandung that have thousands of charms.

Enjoying the natural beauty of Bandung; from a height is always an interesting choice, so for those of you who want; to have this moment, you can choose Bandung Viewpoint Cafe on Jalan Pagermaneuh, RT.05 / RW.07, Pagerwangi, Lembang, West Bandung Regency. Even though they just conducted a trial opening in mid-August 2020 and a soft opening on September 5, in fact, the enthusiasm of visitors is increasing as seen from the number of travelers who tag the Instagram account of this Bandung Corner of View cafe.

Travel Spot in Bandung That is Rarely Sound but Amazing

Here you will be spoiled with beauty and some building architecture that is certainly very aesthetic, suitable for those of you who are looking for cool photo spots for Instagram displays.

Besides that, if you are satisfie enjoying the outdoor arena of this cafe, you can really explore other photo spots; in the “story corner” area which is still one location. There is provide an interactive multimedia vehicle that carries various themes, one of which is nature and global warming. Interestingly, the theme will be changed every 2-3 months; and there is an additional entrance fee to be able to enjoy this ride.

Oh yes, the price of food in this modern cafe; also varies and is still suitable in the pockets of young people starting from Rp. 15 thousand to Rp. 98 thousand. Apart from being known as a modern destination, Bandung is also known as a tourist city; that has many romantic spots for couples. Well, one of the tours that you can visit in this flower city, namely Curug Penganten.(Travel Spot in Bandung That is Rarely Sound but Amazing)

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