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Visiting Tomok, a Tourist Destination Small Village on Lake Toba

Visiting Tomok, a Tourist Destination Small Village on Lake Toba – The ferry that I was riding docked in one of the small tourist destinations on Samosir Island, namely Tomok Village. Yes, crossing Samosir Island will not be complete if you don’t visit Tomok, one of the villages in the middle of Lake Toba has several tourist objects, namely the stone tomb of King Sidabutar, Sigale-gale shows and stalls selling traditional Batak souvenirs.

Getting off the ferry, I and the TX Travel group were greete by traveling traders selling; their wares such as boiled peanuts, salted fish and various local village snacks. Walking a few steps, there are stalls; that are neatly line up on the left and right of the road selling souvenirs; for souvenirs such as ulos cloth, t-shirts, accessories, bags, and wall displays.

The first goal is to go to the stone tomb of King Sidabutar, before climbing the stairs; to the grave I wear a bright colored ulos cloth on the right, the use of this ulos cloth; has its own meaning, namely if the ulos cloth is dark for men; and bright colors like pink, purple or yellow for women; and if use on the left side for women who are widows, while on the right side means not widow.

Visiting Tomok, a Tourist Destination

My tour guide Pak Rachmad then explained that this royal family tomb is more than 200 years old. The graves here are shape like coffins; that are place on the ground, not like coffins that are generally place in the ground to show the public; that the one who was burie was a person who once rule in the Tomok area. This stone tomb is also engrave with a replica of the face of the king, empress and also the king’s son, but due to age and moss carving becomes less clear. Currently these traditional houses are still well preserve and are still inhabite from generation to generation.

To entertain the king, the people then made a statue that resembled the king’s son. To entertain the king, call the shaman so that the sigale-gale moves by itself accompanied by traditional music.

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